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Shari Arison: goodness will make you happy

Shari Arison is an american-born Israeli businesswoman and philanthropist. According to Forbes she is the richest woman in the Middle East and one of world’s wealthiest women. She started Good Deeds Day nine years ago with only 7,000 participants. The last edition, on 15th March 2015, involved over 930,000 people. I really love this project and Shari’s idea of kindness and happiness. That’s why I’m very excited about this interview. Enjoy it!

Which is the value of an act of Goodness for you?

My act of goodness is to be conscious every moment of every day, to “Think Good, Speak Good, and Do Good”. I believe that if we each take responsibility to communicate in a positive way, putting our efforts individually and collectively, we can create the kind of world we want to see.

How everything begun, I meant your interest on goodness and similar project?

My mission in life has always been to be a catalyst for positive change. I do this both in my personal life, as I believe that any change has to start with one’s self, and through my values-based businesses and philanthropic organizations. One day, nine years ago, as I was doing my morning walk, the idea came to me that everyone can do a good deed, be it large or small. Good Deeds Day started in Israel with 7,000 participants, and quickly grew, crossing all borders, ages, religions, and cultures. On Good Deeds Day 2015, 930,000 people participated in 58 countries worldwide, giving together more than 3 million hours of volunteering.

Which is your dream?
I wish for Good Deeds Day to continue to expand, creating a critical mass of goodness in the world. Being that Good Deeds Day has now grown to have a life of its own, engaging more and more people every year, my heart’s desire is that it becomes long lasting and sustainable, while teaching people to take the values of Good Deeds Day into their everyday life.

How can we teach people to make more act of goodness in their life?

I believe that by setting a personal example and growing Good Deeds Day as well as, we are creating a critical mass of goodness. It has become so visible that it can no longer be ignored. The fact is that there are a lot of good people in the world, good organizations, and many acts of kindness. Bringing us together shows more and more people that if everyone takes personal responsibility for their own actions, together we can make a huge difference. Each of us, as individuals, can resonate goodness from within and create positive impact in all aspects of life.

According to you, which is the essence of life?
Being connected to one’s higher-self, being authentic and true, knowing and acting out of the understanding that we are all one.

Could you tell us your good habits to start a good day?
Personally, for me, it is important to start my day with meditation, a walk or some kind of physical exercise, eating a balanced diet, and being aware and connected to myself – body, mind, and spirit. And never forget to be grateful for all that is.

A human approach: is that the new revolution?
Yes. These past years have proven to us that old patterns can no longer suffice. People are yearning for change, positive change. As I see it, change should express itself in the creation of a new reality where basic human values are at the core of any activity.

What about your idea of happiness?
For me, happiness is in finding balance between all the parts that comprise one’s self. Understanding that life is dynamic and in constant change, and being at peace with whatever comes our way. Finding the beauty in all that is.